12 April, 2011

"The Golden Age Psychic Show", FriNite, 7pm MT, 15 April 2011

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Neil Baker: Spiritual Coach and Psychic Medium

Monica Ruiz: Psychic, Medium, Reiki Master Healer

Anita Casalina: Angel Communicator, Sacred Channeler, Intuitive Healer

FriNite, 15 April 2011

From 7 – 9pm MT/PT

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Join radio show host Andrew Aloha “LIVE” on internet radio with “The Golden Age Psychic Show”. Get in on a FREE mini-reading, healing or hypnotherapy session, or simply enjoy the festivities from the comforts of your own home.

Various people from all over the United States will be showcasing their gifts, talents and abilities during the show including Neil Baker, Monica Ruiz, and Anita Casalina. They have a combined total of over 100 years of experience in the business, in fact most of them have been used to this lifestyle since they were kids.

Find out what potential famous person you may have been in another life. Are any of your relatives with you in spirit form now? Is your knee, back or arm injury related to some karmic tie with your parents? What lies ahead for you in 2012? Ask your questions, the answers may surprise you.

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Born out of the Soviet space industry, Revitalized Water, the product of 30 years, and billions of dollars of Russian research is believed brings about more the science of water together in one product than any other water available today. The well-defined, perfect crystal shaped water enables rapid absorption and usefulness by our cells. Thus, the increased osmotic drive created by imprinting the water with a high amplitude frequency that assists the cells with a healthier foundation for nutrient uptake and release of toxins, speeds up the delivery of nutrients into the cells and potentially increases your energy.

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Lorae Lauritch @ http://www.femininewisdom.com/

Sacred Sexuality Educator, Lorae Lauritch is a natural teacher who will guide you on a journey that integrates both ancient Eastern esoteric practices with discoveries in Western medicine & science. She has developed a unique approach to healing and empowering others. She knows her subject intimately. She listens mindfully and thoughtfully to each individual, cultivating their life force to help discover their bliss.

Crystal Dawn Morris @ http://www.tantraforawakening.com/

Certified Sky Dancing Tantra Teacher of Tantra For Awakening, Morris has the mission of helping people live a more conscious, connected, and juicy life. She actively supports you in experiencing more love, joy and freedom in your life, offering practical tools that are easy to use and give immediate results. After attending an event or coaching session with Morris students and clients report being more open and present to the bliss that is available in every moment. Her commitment is to create a world based on love, respect and compassion for all beings.

Luminous One @ http://www.portalsoftranscendence.com/

Luminous One leads mystical journeys to sacred sites including Peru, Egypt, Greece, Mexico, Guatemala, England, and Sedona. She was born with the ability to walk between the worlds, see into the heart of matters and heal. Various multi-dimensional encounters she's had include several near death experiences, levitation, stigmata, vast psychic and spiritual openings, interactions with other shamans and medicine people, and spontaneous healing. Her services and practices include Shamanic Energy Medicine, the Munay-ki Rites and Intuitive Consulting. Author and painter, she will soon be uveiling her book on sacred sites, "Portals of Transcendence will be available this Summer".

Dr. Sheila Z. Stirling @ http://www.truelife-solutions.com/

A specialist in getting to the core of matters, Stirling assists you with all that holds you back from your highest vibration or vision. A professional intuitive, empathy & energy specialist, Stirling shares Divinely acquired messages that she considers ground breaking through transformational workshops. The next nationally accredited “Intentional Wellness Experience” will take place in Sedona, Arizona on 22 May 2011. Stirling is also a sound and vibrational therapist, and award winning author with a Ph.D in Natural Health and philosophy offering private sessions in cellular re-patterning, meditations and angelic connection.

Anita Casalina @ http://www.motherroadllc.com/

Founder of the Terra Healing Center in Marin County, California, Casalina is based both in San Francisco and Hawaii. She’s heard the “voices” of Angels or Spirit Guides since she was young and now has a private practice as a Sacred Channeler and Intuitive Healer since 1982. She channels loving and powerful Guides to clarify and give insights, while using Sacred Light as a healing tool. She teaches Light Healing, Intuitive Training and a form of Spiritually Focused Emotional Freedom Technique to clients all over the world.

Pamala Nine @ http://www.pamelanine.com/

An International Professional Intuitive Counselor and Spirit Medium, Nine is also an accredited published writer, as well as an Intuitive Awareness and Spiritual Development Educator for more than twenty years. She has served thousands of people all over the world and is owner of the Nine Wellness Centre in Knoxville, Tennessee. She is publicly recognized as a “Messenger of Spirit” and “One of the most gifted Psychics and Mediums in America” offering personal and Group Intuitive Counseling Sessions, Lectures, Workshops and Classes along with Online Educational Programs.

Frank Huguenard @ http://www.dischoops.com/index.php/about

Dischoops is the creation of Frank Huguenard, who began playing Frisbee in 1969, started playing Ultimate in 1979 and dissatisfied with the artificially low glass ceiling in Ultimate, created a phenomenal new team sport. He states he "wanted to create a game that allowed players to do a lot of things that they are unable to do within the scope of Ultimate. Ultimate was created to be non-competitive and as a result has no penalties and most of the rules were simply never very well thought out. Dischoops is what Ultimate always should have been and much, much more". Additionally, Huguenard is producer of “Beyond Me”, a film on consciousness, evolution and instincts.